The Best Alternative – Our Total Protection Plan

Given’s todays challenging healthcare environment your best option with the most coverage, is our Total Protection Plan.  This combines a Short Term Plan with a permanent Fixed Benefit Plan to provide you with comprehensive medical coverage that limits your out of pocket costs and still provides you big claim protection and an out of pocket limit

Short Term + Defined Benefits = A winning approach!

The Short Term Medical policy provides you an large network, like Aetna or United Healthcare, discounting pricing on medical expenses and protection from large medical bills along with an out of pocket limit on your expenses.

  • We recommend a high deductible plan to keep the cost low, the Defined Benefit Plan will offset much our you out of pocket expenses.

The Defined Benefit Plan provides payments and extra coverage towards medical expenses such as 

  • Hospitalization
  • Rehabilitation, skilled nursing care
  • Outpatient surgery and procedures
  • Doctor visits, tests, blood work.
  • Emergency Room, Urgent Care, Accidents.
  • Preventative Care (annual physicals, mammograms, tests)

We believe the best Defined Benefit Plan is the Philadelphia American, a company we have worked with for several years.  They have a best – in – class plan, Health Savers, and have a proven track record with our clients to pay claims and provide real benefits.

Health Savers Brochure