Our Company

HealthCare Advisors is an independent insurance broker dedicated to helping consumers with methods of risk management, health, and life insurance. Our primary focus is on individual health insurance for people who are self employed, planning for retirement, or those not offered health insurance through their employer. We are licensed to offer plans in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Florida and Missouri.

HealthCare Advisors is composed of experienced agents that will discuss your coverage needs and cost concerns to help you select a health plan that’s right for you. You have a financial advisor, an accountant, now get one for healthcare.

Our Team

Edwin Johnson

Master General Agent/Health Plan Advisor

Alex Johnson

Licensed Agent/Health Plan Advisor

Mike Stevens

Licensed Agent/Health Plan Advisor

Our Purpose

Our purpose is the help our clients select the best individual health insurance coverage that fits their needs and financial goals. We strive to provide our clients with best-choice solutions in the individual health insurance market.

There are several different options for individual health insurance. We offer both ACA/Obamacare and NON-ACA/Obamacare health insurance plans. We will work with you to help you determine which plan is right for you.

Our Values

We value the individual:

HealthCare Advisors values the individual insurance consumer. We understand how confusing the individual health insurance market can be, that’s why we work with several different insurance companies to offer our clients options and a plan to manage their financial risk for healthcare expenses. Whether you’re self-employed, planning for retirement, or simply trying to find more affordable coverage, we are here to help.

We value integrity:

We make a point to make sure you understand your risks and coverage options. If we believe a plan would not be a good fit for you, we will be honest with you and provide you with other recommendations. We pride ourselves on truly looking out for our client’s bests interests for their insurance needs.

We value our relationships:

At Healthcare Advisors our relationships with our clients goes beyond the sale of an insurance plan. It is our commitment and desire to establish trust and a long-lasting relationship with our clients. This commitment has served us well through the years. We take pride in knowing that our clients keep returning to us for advice.

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